As any follower of the Johnny Cupcakes brand knows, once an item we make sells out, it’s likely to never resurface again. Sure we could pump out some of our more popular designs and make a quick buck, but that would devalue what makes our shirts so special: their limited nature. But over the years some designs resonate with people on an unexpected level and reveal themselves to become rather iconic for the JC brand, classics if you will. There’s no formula to what denotes a Johnny Cupcakes Classic, it’s just sort of a feeling you get when you look back on past products and it’s something we’ve always determined internally at the headquarters.


With that being said, we figured it’d be fun to turn the tables and put the choice into the hands of those of which it matters the most: you guys! If you head on over to the Johnny Cupcakes Facebook you can put in a vote for one of the three classic designs seen above! Classic shirts are a special set of fan-favorite designs that we reprint, recolor, and occasionally redesign (think: Panda, Do More of What Makes You Happy, Make Cupcakes Not War, etc.) The winning design will become the Baker’s Brawl Champion and known forever as a true Johnny Cupcakes Classic!