Some of my friends think I’m crazy for still taking frequent trips to the record store to purchase CD’s, and the book store to purchase books and magazines. It’s as if I’m stuck in the late 90’s/early 2000’s. Maybe I am crazy and maybe I do miss the late 90’s so much that I refuse to live the simple digital lives that many swear by today. Boy oh boy, do I feel like a dad now. Anyways, let’s go to the book store!


While the atmosphere feels thick with thinkers, I meditatively float from isle to isle like a lost ghost browsing for treasure. Thoughts go through my head when I do find said treasure, “Hello great magazines, nice to see you today!” & “Thank you for saving my dry, burning eyes from my computer screen, I needed that.”


I’m at ease from the little joys, like; the smell of cardboard, paper and ink; the sounds of shuffling books; stacks of inspiration and motivation; and the feeling of physically holding so many words. When my hands aren’t full of magazines and books, I’ll catch some recommendations at the register. Ah, that was nice. A place to indulge and discover. There are hundreds of great magazines that I enjoy. Since I can’t fit them all into this one post, I’ll probably write about them throughout the year.Support your local book store and support good magazines!
GQ teaching boys how to be men.
Vogue teaching girls how to be less sassy and more classy.
Rue Morgue carved themselves a nice little niche in the magazine market. Top notch horror magazine. It’s mini but it certainly packs a punch machete! I’m very happy to have stumbled upon this!
Fangoria has been the oldest running horror magazine and covers a widespread of gore.
HOW magazine is a crafty source for thinkers and tinkerers alike.
Wired magazine is the mother of all tech magazines. Usually it doubles as a source for every boys year-round Christmas wish list.
Inc magazine is wonderful for aspiring entrepreneurs, people who are genuinely curious about getting a project off of the ground, or people who are trying to find solutions for their existing projects.
Milk Decoration magazine has a lot of great design inspiration. So much that it makes you want to start from scratch and re-design everything.
i-D magazine is always a fun read. A focus on fashion and loaded with beautiful photographs. They’re always pushing the boundaries, which is important, especially for a magazine.
Nylon guys magazine rules. Nylon girls magazine rules too! I may or may not have had a subscription at one point. Nylon seems like a rad company and I’d like to high-five everyone who works there.
Wax Poetics magazine is curated well with a great mix of articles in every issue. I’m happy to see these guys still holding their own in the music genre magazines.