(20)12 years ago I started this ‘Johnny Cupcakes’ thing with no idea of where it would lead. With no sense of what would come next, Johnny Cupcakes turned corners, jumped barriers, crossed borders and grew into an inspiring community.


So after 12 years of dizzying movement why does 2012 stand out in my mind? It was a year of getting back to the heart of it. It was a year of clarity and purpose. Personally, 2012 was possibly the most important year for me. Like sitting down with an old friend, I got to remember and rediscover the youthfulness and honesty that started it all.


In 2012, we created experiences that brought smiles to the faces of many and brought out the kid in everyone (Junk Food and April Fools)


We went places that got back to the essentials of what this brand means and shared it with those who make it what it is (Coffin Tour and MV).


We designed products that stayed true to our humor and heart, while at the same time bringing in new faces (pun intended) (Marilyn Monroe, Frosting Cans, Hello Kitty, Basics, Originals).


It’s easy to go on auto-pilot and find ways to get your hands out of the dirt so to speak. But I am reminded that this Johnny Cupcakes “thing” will never be just a company or a job, but a life. In that sense, I cherish the ability (and obligation) to take a step back to refresh, re-discover and set a new course.


2013 will be one of the biggest years for Johnny Cupcakes. We are going to bring our community together both physically and digitally in some pretty exciting ways (hint hint, nudge nudge). We are going to make heads spin with some projects long in the works and further what it is that we all love about this Unordinary Bakeshop.


Here is to following the idea of “do[ing] more of what makes you happy.” I hope you all have a happy new year and look forward to sharing it with you. Thank you for all the continued support and love.


Bon Appetite,
Johnny Cupcakes