Archives: September 28, 2012

Coffin Tour Sendoff

Today marks the start of Cupcakes from the Crypt, the Johnny Cupcakes Coffin Tour 2012! The tour kicks off tonight in New York City at The Varick Room. The beginning of the tour also marks the end of many months of hard work and planning from the Johnny Cupcakes staff. Leaving home for a month-long excursion is never an easy thing, but having a solid...


Coffin Tour Hustle & Bustle

All manner of creepy crawly things are stirring up frights here around the Johnny Cupcakes Headquarters as we ready ourselves for the upcoming Coffin Tour. We snapped some photos of the happenings and hope that you enjoy the terrifying creatures and bizarre treats that we are conjuring up for you!


Cupcakes from the Crypt: Johnny Cupcakes Coffin Tour 2012

I am proud to announce “Cupcakes from the Crypt,” the Johnny Cupcakes Suitcase Tour of 2012. This fall a team of Undertaker Bakers and I will be packing up the Cupcake mobile to once again tour the US, but this time with a bone chilling twist. As a sort of Dr. Frankenstein mash-up we are blending elements from ‘Something in the Cupcake Mix’...