After the amazing tour kick off in NYC, we made the journey out to San Francisco for stop #2. This time the Taste Makers Truck Tour partnered up with bay-area Ice Cream gurus, Treatbot, to bring the event to life. On Saturday, we were welcomed by a line that stretched nearly two blocks of Haight Street. Despite the cool San Francisco “summer” day, the line grew as collectors anxiously waited to get their hands on the daily exclusive.




As always, we were blown away by the warmth and love we got from San Franciscans. Smiles and high-fives were in excess both days, and a lot of them belonging to friends we hadn’t seen since the suitcase tour in 2010.




The San Francisco stop could not have been possible without the help of this man, Benny Gold. Not only did Benny offer up his home, office, and storage space to help us orchestrate the event, he also contributed his time at the event. Without any hesitation, Benny took his only “day off” to suit up in full Taste Makers garb and lend a hand. Having your order served up by Benny was a great surprise for many.


This type of enthusiasm says a lot about the man, but also speaks to the nature of the business. When you yourself are doing something completely original there is no issue with reaching out to someone else doing something equally novel. Forget about the competition and enjoy the work of others. It is a great privilege to be able to have peers like Benny Gold, who continue to inspire and aspire. Big thanks to the Benny Gold family for making the SF that much more sweet (pun intended).




The tour will conclude this Saturday and Sunday in Los Angeles. Saturday’s stop will take place at JCLA (7959 Melrose Ave) and coincide with the shop’s 4-year anniversary. Then on Sunday we will post up along the beach in Santa Monica. As with all other stops, there will be exclusive tees and free ice cream. Bring your friends and family. Follow @johnnycupcakes for up to date locations and times!