Meet my friend, fellow entrepreneur, and goofball extraordinaire, Andy Ellis. Andy studied product design at Central St Martins, graduated and turned down an internship at Marc Newson’s studio in Paris. He was skateboarding nearly every day at Southbank for quite some time. Soon after he discovered his fascination towards fixed gear bikes.
Itt was the design of a fixed bike which first drew him in, and then he rode one. To Andy, a fixed gear bike is a perfect balance of form and function. “If you add anything to a fixed gear it looks like it should not be there… and if you take anything away, it won’t work!” From that point he was hooked. This was in 2005.


“Riding fixed has a similar feeling to skateboarding, to me. Except you can go faster and have more control. If the bicycle was mans greatest form of transport ever devised, then the fixed gear bike is the purest form of bicycle. Which means it is the purest form of transport in the world…”
Andy started in 2006 as a way for fixed gear riders to share photos with other like-minded people in the world. They have received support from Vans, Dickies, 14 Bike Co. and Continental Tires (Andy designed the Gatro Hardshell tire for them). Right now they have 8 unique riders who are part of Fixedgearlondon.
Founding Fixed Magazine in 2008—they are now working on their 12th issue. I say they… I really mean he. Andy writes most of the interviews, takes photographs, designs, talks to advertisers and distributes the magazine. He’s currently looking for some help to take the magazine to where he imagines it should be. At its core, Fixed Magazine is about good stories and great photographs of people on fixed gear bikes from all over the world.
Andy designed the logo for 14 Bike Co. and helped them to become the brand they are today. 14 Bike Co makes amazing bespoke bikes in the UK and they can build you anything you desire!! They are working together on the 14R track frame right now. Mikey from the Johnny Cupcakes London store is actually one of the new riders for 14 Bike Co. He rides the 14R Low Pro.
Apart from all the above, Andy rides for Brascona which is a Swiss frame designed by Patrick Seabase. He’s part of Wolvh Clothing, designs stuff for a lot of bike brands, and also for himself. He’s got a furniture range in the works and he produces a tool for fixed gear bikes called the lockwhip tool. Andy recently approached me about working on a project or collaboration of sorts. We shall see what the future holds!