Archives: February 29, 2012

Architect and a Half

Dave was one of the superheroes behind the planning and development of our Los Angeles shop. Dave, his daughter Adrianne, and granddaughter, Lana (who we lovingly refer to as Baby Lana), had all been staying with me recently for an extended visit. The reasons for which will reveal themselves later! I’ve known Dave and his family for nearly...


Air Johnny

Off to Los Angeles for some work projects. I’ll be bopping around for just a couple of days. Hope to see some familiar faces! Will post some more photographs soon. Don’t forget to drink your vitamin c!


Boston Heavy Weights

Last week our Boston location had a free showing of the movie Heavy Weights to coincide with the arrival of our new snack-themed release. Freshly-popped popcorn, bubbling soda, and other tasty treats were served. Customers and friends sprawled out across the wooden floors, armed with cushions and pillows to protect their butts while the film provided...


Utah State University Tonight

Just checked into my hotel while creeping strangers out with my eye-glasses. I’ll be lecturing this evening at Utah State University at 8pm in the TSC, Evan N. Stevenson Ballroom. This is free and open to the public. Try to head out with some friends! If you don’t live in Utah (or Idaho), do tell any friends you have out there. If I don’t...