If you don’t know already, this brand is all about surprises, details, and bringing out the kid in everyone through our crafted, unique experiences. From our special packaging, in-store events, meet-ups, hidden messages on the insides of our t-shirts, or the random free items that get tossed into every online order placed through our website. Whether it be a pin, a sticker, a note, some candy, a vintage trading card, free t-shirts, or something as random as a box of stale crackers. We’ve got you covered!


Recently when I was working at our headquarters, I thought it would be fun to scare a customer by putting a fake skull in their online order, underneath their Johnny Cupcakes hat. I’m getting scared myself, as I haven’t heard anything about the skull surprise. I certainly hope he wasn’t scared to death.


Yes, all of this does get timely and costly. However, providing an unforgettable experience is priceless.