The third and final installment of the Johnny Cupcakes x Nickelodeon collaboration is upon us and the video seen above details the project from its conception to its completion and execution. Working with Nickelodeon has always been a dream of mine. As the JC brand reached a certain level of achievement and recognition, the opportunity to work with Nick became an attainable goal. After a year or so of dedicated brainstorming, collaborating, and articulating we were able to execute the collaboration. The project with Nickelodeon serves as a monumental achievement, both personally and professionally. This entire collaboration would not have been possible without the Johnny Cupcakes team, the Nickelodeon team, and all of you for continuing to support this brand. Without you, we wouldn’t be able to keep successfully creating these fun projects and unique experiences.


We owe a great deal of gratitude to the folks over at Nickelodeon that made this all possible. Their guidance and support was invaluable throughout this entire project. The Johnny Cupcakes family did a fine job of executing everything from promotion to order fulfillment. I’d like to especially thank Lucas Dunn for keeping this project well planned and organized on the daily. Also thanks to our creative superhero Chris DeLorenzo for elevating this collaboration and bringing these characters to life. Most of all I want to thank my loving parents for getting cable and allowing me to build forts in their living room. This lead to eating pounds of Dunkaroos while watching (and falling in love with) Nickelodeon. Thanks for the best childhood and adulthood ever, I love you mom and dad!


We can all take a step back now and smile at what we were able to achieve with this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

Nick 9-Up