Johnny Cupcakes LA Ovens Trivia: Did you know that when designing my Los Angeles shop, I was originally going to line the walls with vintage, rusty oven doors from various junkyards? I decided to skip the tetanus shots and get some custom ones crafted from scratch. While working with the same company that worked on parts of Universal Studios, built many of Jeff Koons oversized balloon animal sculptures amongst many other masterpieces—I was introduced to a galaxy of possibilities. At first it was just going to be a a wall of custom 1950’s inspired vintage ovens—then I thought, “How awesome would it be if they opened at random times?!” & “How awesome would it be if smoke came out of them?!” and finally, “Let’s program the electronics and schematics so that the two mini oven knobs on the right side of each oven, twist and turn half of a second before the ovens open and after the close!”


These ovens, along with the rest of the Johnny Cupcakes Los Angeles shop took a bit of time to develop, build and install. Originally I had planned on opening the shop right away. However, building an experience doesn’t usually happen overnight. The shop ended up opening 6+ months after signing the lease. While couch surfing and living in hotels my mom would call me and say, “We need to start selling t-shirts, you can’t keep making ovens that don’t cook anything!”


If you haven’t already watched, below you’ll find some webisodes of the buildout process of Johnny Cupcakes Los Angeles – 7959 Melrose Ave. In the future I’ll let you in on other inside tidbits and trivia as there is too much to mention in just one post. Enjoy!