This past weekend the Johnny Cupcakes crew headed to New York City for the New York Comic Con in order to debut our first foray into the toy world. For those that don’t know about comic book conventions, they are a melting pot of all things geeky. Comic books, toys, video games, cult movies, and people dressed up as their favorite characters from all those various realms. It is an entirely different world than any that I’ve ever witnessed and I’m pretty sure my team and I could have stayed there forever.

There were nearly 30,000 people at the convention every day and the connections we made with the companies, customers, and artists were too numerous to list here completely. Everyone in attendance seemed to be in the greatest of spirits. Lots of positivity and opportunity at every corner.

Below are some of our favorite memories from the con, but be sure to check out the full gallery to get a better idea of all the crazy glory that is Comic Con.

Comic Con Crowd

Johnny Cupcakes Toys

We of course were there to give people a glimpse at our very first toys. As seen above we have 6 colorways of our mascot, Big Kid. Additionally we have 10 colors of our classic logo that come blind-boxed. Each cupcake and crossbones is scented! Which “flavor” will you get?

Ghostbusters Toys

Ren & Stimpy Bearbricks

Kaws Toys

There were many booths there debuting toys as well as selling older collectible toys.

Makerbot Thing-O-Matic

Makerbot Models

This company Makerbot was selling a machine called, “Thing-O-Matic” which made 3D models on the fly from colored threads of plastic. It was pretty incredible!

Johnny & Fan

Dan Simons

This is our friend Dan Simons (formerly of the band Just Surrender) who came into the city to help us with the booth for the weekend. Thanks, Dan!

Dark Lords

The guys got in touch with their dark sides!

Guys with Dot Com

Nick and Mike were able to meet Kevin Brown, he plays Dot Com on NBC’s 30 Rock

Justin Geeking Out

Justin gets really excited about the prospect of new toys.

Nintendo Booth

There were many video game companies in attendance, but my heart will always remain with Nintendo!

Rayman Players

I Am A Stuffed Animal's Booth

The guys at I Am A Stuffed Animal do just as their name implies: they make you into a stuffed animal! Reminiscent of the classic WWF Wrestling Buddies from the 80’s, these stuffed animals make great gifts, and their likeness to the original models is pitch-perfect!

4-Up Cosplayers

Aquabat, Captain America, Finn and The Rocketeer!

Super Dog

Even dogs dress up at Comic Con!

Red Rocket Farm

The fun and cute artwork of Jason Thomas’ Red Rocket Farm

Devon Devereaux

Marz Jr.

Joey Chou

We had the chance to meet buckets of amazing artists while at Comic Con. Maybe one day we can have some of their art grace the fine products we make! The three gentlemen above (in order) are Devon Devereaux, Marz Jr., and Joey Chou. Be sure to swing by their sites and grab some of their artwork!