To pay respects to the birth of the Johnny Cupcakes brand—which took place while I was a sales clerk at the Newbury Comics record shop in Braintree, Massachusetts—we collaborated on a t-shirt for the re-grand opening of Newbury Comics, Braintree. We announced this last minute, and still had many people camping out. They usually call it urban camping—but this time it may have been suburban camping. Sorry to hear about the coyotes in the parking lot at night…glad nobody got eaten all the way.
Always great to see both familiar faces and new people.
My pal Justin and I both worked at Newbury Comics 10 years ago. It was a great time in our lives, as we met many wonderful people and shared an awful lot of laughter + memories. So brainstorming on this simple project together, held a lot of sentimental value to us. We only produced 100 t-shirts, which were all individually numbered. & 100 pins. All sold out!
Andy with his brand ASN clothing. The t-shirt he made, and is wearing, says “What the pho?” -I thought it was pretty clever!andy_newbury_comics
One of the coolest items I’ve ever signed! Battletoads for regular NES / Nintendo Entertainment System. One of the hardest games for that system—aside from Ghosts ‘n Goblins for regular Nintendo.newbury_comics_battletoads
A lot of people came out to show support—these two are from Brockton, MA. And speaking of NES…I used to beg for rides there, from friends—so that I could search for regular Nintendo Games at the old Cash Converters pawn/thrift shop.
Free cupcakes for all!
Marianne and I have known each other since way before I even had a shop in Boston. She’s been the captain of the ship, with organizing, planning, designing this new location for Newbury Comics. She’s done one heck of a job! Marianne is quite talented. Once she crafts more of her awesome mystery items, I’ll post some photos up online. Actually, maybe I’ll even see if she wants to do a run of limited JC x Marianne mystery items…
Newbury Comics very much feels like the movie Empire Records.
Their new location has much more room for growth—but still has all of their o.g. merchandise.
Did you know that I used to DJ from ages 14-17? No laptop djing… I would lug around many crates of records and would DJ in the rap band I was in (we even played at CBGB’s!) I also DJ’d parties, as well as this one short-lived club in my town. Some day I’d like to get into music again. Maybe making music from scratch.
Where it all started…
A simple homage to the humble beginnings.