Archives: February 27, 2011

Moving Along.

My dad and I have been meeting all sorts of delightful characters while building out the new shop. These movers / this moving company ruled. I think half of the fun was being up so early that we were all laughingly loopy. As you can see, it takes a lot more than just one person to open a store. I applaud and deeply thank everyone involved in the fruition...


Window Warriors.

Recently we had to get a window removed at Johnny Cupcakes London – so that we could get some fairly large items through it. Since London is such an old city which is still intact — a lot of doorways are slightly smaller than many doorways in the United States. You will most likely find this in any historical towns or cities with old architecture...


Johnny Cupcakes London Cartoon.

I thought it would be neat, different and obscure to hire an animator to work on this fun project. I didn’t see any other clothing brands goofing around at this level, as it does get costly and timely to do. Whereas an animation is not a tangible item that is profitable, I thought it could add value to the Johnny Cupcakes brand in other quirky, innovative...


Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner.

I know we have Nutella back in the States, but while in the UK I feel as if I need to have a little bit of Nutella at least once a day. On a crepe with strawberries is my favorite. If you have yet to experience Nutella, then umm… go experience it soon!


Oh, Hello.

Sorry for the very minor delay in updating the blog. I try my best to do it at least once a day, with a little mix of twitter, facebook and tumblr. Haven’t used the internet or telephone much — probably cut that down about 90%. Feels kinda good though! Been cranking away at work since I’ve been here in London. A lot has been done, but...