Archives: January 31, 2011

Coco Love Homemade.

My pal Lindsey started her own baking business, crafting some of the most delicious homemade treats. Lindsey even named a cookie after me, and let me pick the ingredients. Let me tell you… I’m a cookie connoisseur, and this is one fine cookie. If you want to try it, it’s called, The Earle cookie – a delightfully whimsical flavor...


Looking Far Ahead.

Many current and future developments have been going on lately. It’s exciting to see this brand turn over all sorts of neat chapters. Whether some projects may get lengthy, stressful, fun, or overwhelming –– they’re all learning experiences that help my team and myself grow, giving us all strong, healthy brain muscles. Here’s to...


Recap: Step Lecture

What a great event last week! We donated our time to help out STEP raise some money, network, and spread the word on their crafty organization. We’ve been donating our time for more than a year now, talking with high school students, giving them tours at our Boston shop & talking about how we run our brand. My sister Linsay, has been a huge...


Winter in Boston Massachusetts.

A lot of people are afraid of Boston Massachusetts because of it’s notorious winters. I don’t mind it at all. With every season, it comes with it’s own set of activities. During winter, we’ve got sledding, skiing, snowboarding, a much higher appreciation for anything warm – which means going out to eat, going to the movies,...


Philly Winter Wonderland.

After walking out the doors from my lecture in Philly, the city was painted white. While it was very dangerous, the snow storm was both calming and beautiful.